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Casey Anthony was born on 19th March 1986, in Warren, Ohio, Casey Anthony was one of two children of Cindy Anthony and George Anthony, who worked in law enforcement. Casey was a bright, personable young girl, with friends and what many thought was an ordinary American family. However, friends say that a pattern of lying began when Casey was in high school. Cindy and George attended Casey's graduation, along with Casey's grandparents—only to discover that she was several credits short of graduating.

When she was 19, Casey gave her family yet another shock. She had put on weight, and her parents suspected she was pregnant. Casey denied it, claiming she was a virgin. Seven months into her pregnancy, she told her parents the truth. The identity of the baby's father, however, remained a mystery. Casey pointed to different men, including her fiancé, Jesse Grund, as well as a young man she had dated previously, who had died in a car crash.

For the next few years, Casey and Caylee lived with her parents, and Grund acted as the baby's father. Grund even believed Caylee might be his baby, despite knowing that the timing of her conception made it improbable. A DNA test would later find that Grund was not Caylee's father. The identity of Caylee's father is still unknown.

Casey said Caylee was kidnapped in Orlando by her nanny, Gonzales. Casey s friends and family had never heard of Gonzales, and detectives later discovered that, in fact, there was no nanny. The investigators caught Casey in another lie when she told them she worked at Universal Studios, even leading them around the theme park. Casey finally admitted she had been fired from Universal Studios years before.