Vienna Girardi Admits To Nose Job Via Twitter

Vienna Girardi has ditched, as of late. She's also recently said 'so long' to a similarly less than stellar 25-year relationship -- with her nose. The blonde beauty recently underwent a rhinoplasty procedure and she's thrilled with the results.

According to Us Magazine, Girardi's transformation was an inside job. "The Bachelor Pad 2" star's surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose, is father to fellow "Bachelor" alum, Erica Rose.

Although plastic surgery used to be an under the table transaction in showbiz, more and more celebrities are now admitting that they've gone under the knife and are proud that they had a hand in curating their own happiness -- however skin deep it may be.Sometimes our beauty is seen differently from within ourselves than what reflects in society's mirror," Girardi told Us. "I went through life questioning myself in the mirror, but my reflection smiles now.

Kathy Griffin recently admitted that plastic surgery allowed her to find that balance between "funny and pretty." Although Griffin was more than aware that going under the knife could place her at the butt of the joke rather than at the helm of the punchline, she took the risk for the sake of her own self-esteem.But plastic surgery isn't all glitz and glam, Girardi did admit via the social networking site that there is a downside to going under the knife, "Couldn't wear makeup during my ET interview bc of surgery... Dnt judge me lol.