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larisa oleynik was born on 7th June1981,with her bright smile and Everygirl aura, Larisa Oleynik became the darling of the pre-teen set playing the title role in "The Secret World of Alex Mack" (Nickelodeon, 1994-98). Her character was a typical teenager on whom some experimental chemicals were spilled causing her to develop telekinetic powers and the ability to "morph" into objects.

A quiet, almost unassuming series, "Alex Mack" was a twist on the long-time standard plot of a common person put in extraordinary circumstances, albeit at a younger age and with a charming sweetness. The series became Nickelodeon's most popular and when its star decided to concentrate on her studies and end its run in 1998, fans were disheartened.

The only child of medical professionals from Northern California, Oleynik broke into show business at age eight when she survived a cattle call audition and won the role of young Cosette in the San Francisco production of "Les Miserables". During the year-long run, the youngster showed her dedication by taking acting lessons and later proved how serious she was by landing roles in a 1993 episode of "Dr. Quinn.

The Swan Princess" (1994) and made a memorable acting debut as the environmentalist Dawn in "The Babysitters' Club" (1995), Oleynik also guested starred on two 1996 episodes of "Boy Meets World" (ABC), playing a girlfriend to Shawn (Rider Strong, who also appeared in the San Francisco production of "Les Miserables"), though she at first, would rather pair with the more stable Cory (Ben Savage). Oleynik's popularity with "tweens" led to an advice column published in TIGER BEAT magazine.