Paris Hilton's another memorable interview

Gave viewers another memorable interview when Dan Harris asked Paris Hilton if she worried about the low ratings for her new show, "The World According to Paris" or felt overshadowed by Kim Kardashian. She looked uncomfortable, but answered the questions. Things got hotter when Harris asked if her moment passed.

She made the media rounds this summer, heavily promoting her latest reality show. Despite being a starlet since her teen years and promoting a variety of projects such as "The Simple Life," 30-year-old Paris often becomes flustered during interviews. It is as though her admittedly fake airhead persona is at odds with her business-savvy side.

Craig Ferguson has a reputation for getting celebrities to go beyond the usual spiel and Paris was no exception. When discussing her line of 13 fragrances, he asked if she constructed the scents. Paris said yes and the conversation continued as though she somehow concocted the perfumes in a lab. He finally asked her to describe the formula and she explained she only helped choose the scents.

When she said you only live once, he said there are many Hindus who would disagree. The heiress did not get the reincarnation link.The host likes to end interviews with an awkward pause or by playing harmonicas with the guest. Paris must not watch the show.

She comfortably discussed her TV show, career and stalkers, but walked off the set when the host asked her if it was a good decision to have Brooke Mueller on her reality show amidst all the drinking and partying cast members. Mueller, a recovering drug and alcohol addict, ultimately left "The World According to Paris" and sought rehab.

When Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters questioned why Paris chose to focus on the frivolous side of her life. Walters brought up Paris' 2007 stint in prison and her decision to take life more seriously and help those in need, particularly women prisoners.Walters asked if there was a serious side to her personality and what happened to her commitment to service.