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Eva Longoria was born 15th March 1975 in Corpus Christi, TX, Longoria was the youngest of four daughters born to Enrique Longoria, Jr., and Ella Eva Mireles. Her early years were difficult ones - work on her parents' farm yielded little income, and she suffered through an awkward phase in her childhood, made worse by the relentless taunts of her older siblings.

While fashion modeling was Longoria's original interest, acting soon took hold as her primary goal. A role in a stage production of "What the Rabbit Saw" preceded her first screen appearances on "Beverly Hills, 90210" (Fox, 1990-2000) and the daytime soap opera "General Hospital" (ABC, 1963- ).

Longoria's success on "The Young and the Restless" naturally led to opportunities in primetime television and in feature films. For a while it seemed as though her career might meet the same unfortunate fate endured by many soap opera stars who attempted to move beyond the daytime world.

She also served as producer of "Harvest" (2010), a documentary about the plight of migrant children working as produce farmers. Her happiness was cut short in November 2010 when it was announced she had filed from divorce from Parker, with tabloids insinuating possible cheating on his part via texts exchanged with a teammate's wife.